Leon and Alfie

So I am back at home :) and the weekend just gone my Mum, Sister and I went up north for my Grandads 80th birthday dinner. Sadly he was not well for the dinner, he is on the mend now but I wish him a speedy recovery! The weekend was not a complete lose at all we had a great family meal and I got to meet this little fella for the first time :)


This is Leon and he is awesome at blocks! Sadly I am nothing cool to Leon, he is my great cousin (so my cousin’s son) which is a shame but this is the first time I got to meet him and we got on like a house on fire. We played blocks…


Then this awesome game where Mummy was the start line and jumping on me was the finish line…



Now if I mention Leon I can’t forget his little brother who the last time I saw him was Leon’s size and that’s Alfie. He was always a smart little kid but now he can talk and has more energy then a nuclear reactor!




Kat is still bigger then him though!


First weekend down and allot more planned! Was really great to spend some family time with everyone. Jo you have a beautiful family :)

More soon!

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3 thoughts on “Leon and Alfie

  1. Sian Ford says:

    LOVE these shots James, especially the second and last photos :) x

  2. What an amazing child. Such life, beauty and tender smile. So innocent yet pure. This coming from someone who’s not particularly fond of kids, yet I must give due to your art and so my congrats on a great shoot.

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