The Exchange – photo challenge

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Welcome to The Exchange…

The idea of The Exchange is that you get sent to somewhere that you have not really thought of going before because someone else is sending you there!

How it started

A while back I was having a catch up with my sister Kat (for 3 hours :) who, at the time, was traveling around Australia. She had been settled in Brisbane for a short while as she found herself a job and a flat. No easy task in a new country! So she stopped there to save some money before she continued her adventures with some new found friends back in December 2011.

We got talking and after covering all the usual catching up stuff, we got talking about how once you start working you really could be any where. You get up, go to work then come home again, “I can do that at home!” Kat said. This is true but I think the important part is that she is not so I set her a challenge!

Kat gave me her address in Brisbane which I looked up in google maps, her complaint was that she does not seem to be seeing anything new so I had a look and I found somewhere that I wanted her to go and have a look at. My choice was Caddy Shack which boasted about its breakfast burrito! So i challenged her to find this place, take a few pictures and have a breakfast burrito!! hmmmmm :)

So i thought that was that until an enthuiastic “hang on, I can do one for you!” came across skype…

How it continued

One of my subscribes Mayur read my post that I did with my sister and asked if he could have a go, Mayur lives in India! I thought that would be a totally cool Exchange so I of course said yes! We swapped locations and had a look on google maps, picked spots then sent them across! We then went to these locations, took some photographs and did a write up on what we found.

How can you have ago?

First things first you have to subscribe to my blog :)

Then we need to exchange location with a distance limit (the distance limit is normally determined by what your mode of transport is).

Then take a look on google maps and choose somewhere of interest to send the other person.

Then the fun bit, go and check it out!

Takes some interesting photographs and do a bit of a write up of your adventure.

Once both posts have been finished they will be published at the same time, it’s important to include links to each others blogs as I really want to encourage sharing.

All that is left is to bask in your own glory as you have completed the challenge!

The Exchange Hall of Fame

This is a list of greats who have gone before you! Some of them had such a good time that they are also open to other Exchanges!

Kat Creasy – Somewhere (she is on the move again!), Australia – Exchange

Mayur Hulsar – Mumbai, India –  Exchange

Josh Gow – Manchester, England – Exchange

Lena Murrell – St George, Barbados – Exchange

YOU… ;)


5 thoughts on “The Exchange – photo challenge

  1. Did the exchange today, will link it to you when Hi get to post it.

  2. Annie says:

    Ok, so I’m in sunny (haha) Bucks, (not lucky enough to be able to travel like u and Kat) but do you fancy a home challenge? :)

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