St Lucia Jazz – HOT Couture Fashion Show


Last night I went to my first cat walk fashion show and it was very exciting as Michelle was one of the modals :D

I love going to see Michelle when she doing her thing! Its like watching a different person out there as she changes to the different  roles that are required of her. The first time was last December when she took part in a Bikini Bombshell competition. She was the first girl to walk out (must have been scary to go first!) Everyone went crazy for her and that was not just because Simon and I were in the audience telling people to haha. She was able to make the whole crowd fall in love with her just by walking out with a beautiful smile on her face. She of course won the competition!


Last night was a completely different story. It was all about selling the cloths and of course she rocked that to! Her first out fit was part of the forth collection and I remember feeling a mix of excitement and nerves waiting for her to walk out from behind the wall on the run way!



I know what your all thinking a biased opinion from her boyfriend but its all good ;) I am very proud! The St Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival is one of the biggest festivals not only in St Lucia but in the Caribbean so I have a great deal to be proud of :)

I was also surprised to see another friend of mine Chacho who is the Activities Manager at Smugglers a resort I work at.



I started the night going to the show to support Michelle not knowing really how it was going to go but I left 100% enjoying myself. The free wine and the after party might have had allot to do with that to ;)


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