My name is James Creasy, I am from the UK and I am a photographer, I am currently working for a company called Colorbox who employ photographers and send them all over the world via cruise ships or on land jobs. I am at the moment living and working out in Barbados shooting weddings (amongst other things) but who knows where I will end up next. I am using this blog to keep you all up to date with what I am working on, where I am and what I have been up to so I hope you enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

Update – July 2012 – Wow how things have changed! I am still working with the same company but I have moved over to St Lucia to head up the photography team over here. There is a whole new island to explore with whole new challenges so keep checking in ;)


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there, i’m not too sure if you will get this message but a friend of mins spoke to you yesterday in Speightstown and you gave some imformation…i tried call but not getting through…can you give me a call…i’m also a photographer…at 23409851 and my name is Charles. Hope to hear you before you go back. By the way the club i’m in is having a portraiture session this sunday in Speightstown from about 3pm. Thought you might be intrested in that.

    Charles McClean

  2. Opps James…my number is wrong…its 2340851..lol keep up the good work.

  3. Wish you all the best!

  4. I just want to let you know that you’ve been nominated for the versatile-blogger-award. Check out the rules and all on my blog.

    • I’m sorry sexy, but the above message must have been automatically generated by the system, cose I would never send such a dry and cut message to someone I’ve awarded something so neat. Enjoy it though cose you deserve it :)

  5. It is with great pleasure that I nominate you for the Liebster Award. I can hardly wait to read your answers to my questions and reveal more about yourself. All details are in my blog. Love Lucianus.

  6. Here’s a nomination for you, you’ve never heard before, all u have to do is tumble down the rabbit hole or follow this link, whichever u prefer http://idpm.me/2013/05/12/you-nique-award-2/

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