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Visit to Seaton to see Dad


My last weekend back at home in March was set aside to do the long but beautiful drive to go and see my Dad in his new flat in Seaton Devon. Kat was doing all the hard work in the driving seat and I was able to sit back and watch all the views as we drove across the country on yet another gray morning! Still we had an amazing driving CD that Kat had put together and I got to see Stone Henge along the way.

Sadly my iPhone does not do it justice!

Sadly my iPhone does not do it justice!

Dad has found this second floor flat that over looks the English Channel, that really is a stones throw away! I tried it when no one was looking! Up in the flat they have these floor to ceiling patio windows and even on a gray cold day the view can still keeps you mesmerised all day long with the epic views.

It was a special weekend for another reason to as I got to meet Dad’s new girlfriend Barbra for the first time who is very nice. Even though it was very cold outside we all got wrapped out and had an explore. After a hearty Workman’s Breakfast at the Trotters Cafe (well worth checking out if your every hungry for a proper fry up!)

We set off to a place just down the road called Beer (must run in the family) and of course took some photos :)




That was not enough for my Dad! Being an avid follower of my blog he had spotted the photos I did of Michelle on Choc Beach just before I left and just had to try and recreate the Devon version!


Well sort of…


Thanks Dad for a great weekend and it was great to catch up with you and Barbra.

I also want to say a quick good luck to my sister as she is back on her travels again and is currently in New Zealand!

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