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Beach Fire

Grabbing me a Piton from the awesome new cooler! :)

I have visited allot of beaches since living over here in St Lucia and been faced with a couple of problems. The first, once you find your self a nice spot you either have to walk a million miles to get a drink or bring it with you and it gets very warm very quickly and secondly, you find some coconuts or other amazing fruits that you just can not get into! (the tough problems I face huh :) Yesterday I fixed both of these problem I bought a cooler and a cutlas :D

The new cooler

Last night Michelle and I were sat in the room trying to work out what to do with our Saturday night. The cooler was in the boot of the car and quietly calling both of us to go and try it out. Very quickly we both agreed that we should buy some beers and go to the beach to test it out.

That day I had just put my 50mm 1.8f on to my 400D and put it in the back of the car. Every day is a photo shoot :)

We arrived at Vigie beach (the one near the small airport that I have mentioned before) and got sat down. Michelle went for a wonder and started dragging this big dead palm tree leaf and said she wanted to make a fire…

Awesome… The small boy in me who went to scouts (purely to learn how to set things on fire properly) came rushing out! If my girl wants a fire I am going to give her a fire. Now leaves don’t burn for too long but they were a good start. Resting up behind one of the beach restaurants was an old pallet which I quickly grabbed and started to chop up using our new cutlas!

Not drinking shandy…

It did not take long before we had a raring fire that only took 1 match to light! (Dingle my scout leader would have been very proud)

We had such a romantic night under the stars by the sea with our open fire and we got to use both our new toys!

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Brittinee… hey?!

I am very lucky over here as I am starting to get a very nice friendship group and when they have visitors it feels like I have visitors to :) so when people come over you get to show off where you live and go and see all the cool places that you don’t get to go to everyday! When my new Canadian friend Ally and her visitor Brittinee asked if i wanted to come with them to the Animal Flower Cave (one of my favorite places on the Island) I could not really say no… hey?! When i first met Brittinee a couple of days before at dinner we got talking and she was telling me how she has always wanted to have her photograph taken and the Animal Flower Cave’s seemed like a great place to start.

It was a bit of an adventure (another blog coming about that soon!) but it was well worth it. Brittinee kept telling me that she had never done anything like this before and that she had no idea what to do… she must just be a natural then! After a couple hours of walking the cliff tops we head home ready to take advantage of the sunset and headed to the beach. That was it we had a new woman infront of us and Brittinee really came into her own.

I love this shot and think this is the moment Brittinee really started to enjoy herself!

Thank you to Ally for being my flash caddie :)

I think you would agree we got some good stuff :)


Now! Speak of visitors i am getting an important one of my own! My sister is coming over to visit me in March which i very excited about :D she will be coming over for 2 weeks which also includes my birthday and i am going to be having those 2 weeks off which i am equally excited about! Regualar readers of my blog will know that Kat did the very first Exchange Photo Challenge with me (to be honest she helped come up with the concept) so i thought it would be really cool if we could do one together in Barbados with one of you guys! So if you have been reading about the challenges and have been thinking that you may like to have ago at that one day this is your chance! It will be epic!! Drop me a line if your interested…

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