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Hello All,

I just wanted to kindly ask you all to ignore the last post that you received from me. It seems that some how my account has been hacked and a spam message was sent out to you all. I would never want to waste your time with such rubbish. I have reported the incident to wordpress. A big thank you to all of you who messaged me bringing it to my attention.

Now back to my beer :) Have a good day.



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One Year and Passport Pictures

Today is a very special day for this blog and for me! Today its one year old :D

I can remember discussing at home with one of my best mates Thom about doing a blog before leaving for the ships and it took a while for it to come in to about. I have been looking back this morning over all the things I have done, the places I have been and how much has changed and its all there. It makes me very proud and the fact that you lovely people want to read about what I get up to is even more touching. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has ever just looked at one of my posts and hope you keep it up.

Anyway… (wipes a tear from his eye… haha) on with the blog :)

The other day Michelle and I were chilling out in my room and she was being very nice to me! Shortly followed, in a very sweet voice;

“can we take some photos with your new camera?”

Jump out of my seat, Eyes light up with excitement and I run to my car all the way in the staff car park to get my light stand.

I moved the TV cabinet across so we had some white wall in my room to play with, set up my camera and light and I am waiting for Michelle to put the final touches to her make up. When she is ready she stands in front of me and say;

“right, I need some passport pictures…”

Silence… haha

Of course we did the passport pictures but then we had some fun :) As we hand taken some shots in this very hotel room before I always like the challenge of making a space look different each time. I set up a flash on the floor behind the stool that Michelle was sitting on with about 4 full blue CTB gels on it and then the main light with an umbrella and a sun 1/2 CTO gel which meant I can drop my white balance down an get deeper colors in the background. Then add a Michelle playing around and we have some camera magic :)

If you like what you see don’t forget about that follow button and here is to another year!

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Upgrading to full frame… Truley a magic moment

I have been looking forward to writing this one :)

I was joking with Sian and Ferg that when a photographer upgrades to a full frame camera, as I have just done with my 5D Mkiii, as you opened the lid on the box a magic beam of light should stream out accompanied with a “AWWWWWWWWWWW” sound… you never guess what… it kinda did ;)
I was very excitedly unpacking my camera and as I was there was a beautiful golden sunset going on out side and this incredible soft light was just pouring through the window. I put on my new 70-200mm f.2.8, set the camera quickly to aperture priority and just started shooting!

A moment I don’t think I am ever going to forget! :)

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Late Night Caller

After a huge amount of driving dropping Mike off at the airport after an epic 11 day holiday (blog coming soon!) I was in my room getting ready for dinner and I hear this all mighty bang on my door! Then it happened again and again! Recently when there has been a knock on my door I have known exactly what it is. An eager Mike with a towel in hand ready for the beach or a slightly miffed Mike as I have not got up from my daily holiday nap in time for dinner! It could not be either of these as I had just dropped him off at the airport…

I went to the door and found this big guy waiting for me and he was very kind to pose while I lay on my belly to get this shot.
Just a quick one to night, there is more to come soon with lots of exciting news… promise :)

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Kat’s Vist (Better late then never :)

I have been trying to make some space on my laptop today by clearing away some old RAW files and the like and I came across some photos that I completely forgot about (sorry Kat x)

I took Kat to the Bottom Bay, the place she sent me on the very first Exchange!

Back in March Kat came out to see me in Barbados for my birthday and we had a blast! On the day itself we went on a boat cruise and if you look very carefully on my Facebook profile you will be able to find an amazing video that hungover Ferg did for us :)

During Kat’s stay we did things properly! On our first day we visited the Mount Gay Rum Tour, after that rum kind of became our unofficial theme to our holiday.

You got a free rum punch with every flier, good job I packed a few :)

Kat learning about legs

Mount Gay Extra Old by far both of our favorites

We drank a fair bit of it for a start, we stopped off in old rum shops and we found this.

During Kat’s stay the country had just kicked into harvest mode, you will find tractors towing rows and rows of cages filled to the top with raw sugar cane slowing the traffic on the high ways trying to get there white gold to the sugar factory’s.  After taking the very informative rum tour we found that this is very relevant to our rum drinking quest! Sugar and Rum are two of Barbados main exports and a third is molasses which is a by product of the sugar process which they use to make rum. Now I think this is incredible, they have turned a by product of one of there main exports in to two others!

I am very sorry that this has taken so long to come out but it needed to done! Better late then never!

More to come soon as Mike is getting here on Tuesday and I will be having some time off :D

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A visit from a very special lady!

I know i have been very quite over the last few weeks but i have had a couple of very good reasons. First of all i have recived a promotion at work :) You are now reading the blog of Colorbox Studio‘s new Studio Manager! We have also opened up a new studio location on the island which has taken allot of work (and allot more to come i think) but all very exciting stuff. Secondly this loverly lady has come to visit me!

Thats right this is my Mum, she came out on the 18th December to join me for Christmas. I am so very pleased she did as I had a complete blast yesterday.

We went over to Sian and Ferg’s apartment…

Sian with a potato bottom!

Ferg getting ready to carve

Opened many presents…

Louie and Stewie

Sue opening a scarf

Ate and drank far to much…

Played this fantastic new dance game on Ferg’s new PS3, watched a film and then finally went to bed!

All to much for Dave!

There will be more to come very soon I promise but for now i would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and if i don’t speak to you before a Happy New year!

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I am very sorry there has been a massive delay between my blogs we have been stupidly busy with weddings as 11/11/11 has been and gone and it has taken a bit of time to catching up. I have got some stuff coming to show you all real soon but i just wanted to share this with you in the mean time.

It was shot on my iPhone but i have never seen one before and thought it was very cool! More to come real soon i promise!

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Thanks for checking out the new blog

Hey you made it! Thanks very much ;) let me know what you think to the new look.

Not my look the blog...

Hello to any new readers, this blog is replacing my old blog so check it out if you fancy a look!

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