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Dollar Sounds Full Moon Beach Party

Blade by the Ruins

When you come to the Caribbean and turn on the radio your ears are flooded with the sounds of Soka, Local Hip-Hop, Calypso and sadly bad dance music that is all mixed, no not mixed, smashed together with some annoying air horns or some other midi sound. It’s a shame because I really like some of the local music, its acutely quite good but the DJ’s just ruin it! Luckily there is a man on the island who knows about good mixing and he has had enough to!

Every three months an Expat named Ian rounds out some of the best local house DJ’s in St Lucia and gives them a stage to play on. The parties he puts on are hidden away in secret location that no one knows about until a few weeks before. The guys don’t advertise either, its strictly word of mouth but they still manage to pack out a location.

This weekend was no different; the location was Pigeon Island, normally a quite tourist attraction with old military remains and some stunning panoramic views. The Island used to sit out in the sea all by itself until the 1970’s when the tourist board built a new marina. All the earth they dug out to make the Marina they used to build a road to the Island, now it’s a national Park. Two attractions for the price of one! Go St Lucia :)

Blade Chilling

The party was set up at the bottom of “Signal Hill” near some ruins and right on the east coast of the island so you had a stunning backdrop of Rodney Bay lite up by a full moon. The restaurant, Jambe De Bois, that is set into the some remains played the part of bar beautifully. All that is missing is the massive speakers, allot of bass and some DJ’s.

Starting off the night was Blade, I manage to catch up with him after the weekend to have a chat with him and he was very pleased with how the night went and is looking forward to the next one. As am I!

Blade in the mix

Next was DJ Top Class playing a mix of rocking house tunes and Caribbean classics with a twist, keep all the locals happy.

DJ Top Class

As Halloween was just around the corner we where bound to get some costumes and Shay Smalls did not let us down in that department!

Shay Smalls

Then the man of the hour Ian finishing off the night with some quality tunes.

There was a great atmosphere all night and we were treated to some surprises, including some witches spinning fire works and a mummy climbing up the side of a ruin and dancing all along top!

Shout out to Michelle for helping me with the flash haha

If you’re lucky enough to hear about the next one you should definitely come along. I will see you there ;)

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Problog 1 – Clubbing Photography

I have been inspired to look back in time a little by another friend and photographer Ms Findlay who has a great talent (and patience i would imagine) for taking beautiful pictures of wildlife. I think it would be a good idea at this point to see how I got to… this point so I thought I would right my first prologue or a problog… no, no takers! :D

I first truly got into photography while I was at University; I studied a fine art degree at UCCA (University Collage of Creative Arts) in Canterbury. This was a great course as I got to experiment with every medium. Photography very quickly got my attention especially digital photography as I always enjoyed how instant and quick it was. It was through working at a bar, so I could pay to eat while at uni, that I met a pair of DJ’s Thom Burgess and John Rickets, Mezza Sound System (who sadly don’t play together anymore but they are still both doing there own thing) and they invited me to come to one of there nights to have a go at clubbing photography. After an amazing night and a telling of for taking university equipment to a club I was hooked.

Thom Burgess

John Rickets

These images were taken on my very first outing and are still two of my all time favourites. I had borrowed a 350D with a wide angle lens (forget which one now and it was from uni) and this was taken with the built in flash! But they will always sum up that first great night for me.

After this I was quickly asked to be there official photographer and I very quickly agreed and I will always be thankful as I have been to some incredible places, met some great people and just had the best time with those guys so thank you.

While doing this I found a site which allowed me to share my photographs with fellow clubbers ( I looked the other day and my account is still active so if your interested in seeing a few more have a look, search for Creasy) and very quickly became a ProSpotter (I lost the status sadly once I moved home as you have to keep up the numbers)

Then finally the big call came and I will always remember it, I was getting ready for work (I was working at the time as a KP in a bar) it was raining outside and I was running late because I could not find my cap. Then the phone rang and it was a DJ called Kirk Watson and he had phoned to ask if I wanted to come with him to take photographs in The Box, Ministry of Sound, London. I tried to play it cool but I think an overly excited, yes… when do you want me, came out!

The mezza boys then teamed up with HeadRoc and Sellenge Festival and put on there own dance tent The HeadRoc Areana (still to this day one of my favriot festivals I have ever been to) I was lucky enough to be invited as there official photographer to the tent and was lucky enough to photograph greats such as Eddie Temple Morris and many more.

There has been many many more great nights, more than I could possible talk about on here and probably remember but doing these events and taking these photographs have had a massive influence on my life and really turned my photography into a passion so I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone I have ever met while I have been out with my camera you truly inspired the work that you see before you and the photographer I am today. Also Thom Burgess who is a great DJ an even better graphic designer and my good friend who has given me more opportunity’s then I have known want to do with.

So in short a quick look back at clubbing photography. Coming up next will be the cruise ship days

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