One Year and Passport Pictures

Today is a very special day for this blog and for me! Today its one year old :D

I can remember discussing at home with one of my best mates Thom about doing a blog before leaving for the ships and it took a while for it to come in to about. I have been looking back this morning over all the things I have done, the places I have been and how much has changed and its all there. It makes me very proud and the fact that you lovely people want to read about what I get up to is even more touching. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has ever just looked at one of my posts and hope you keep it up.

Anyway… (wipes a tear from his eye… haha) on with the blog :)

The other day Michelle and I were chilling out in my room and she was being very nice to me! Shortly followed, in a very sweet voice;

“can we take some photos with your new camera?”

Jump out of my seat, Eyes light up with excitement and I run to my car all the way in the staff car park to get my light stand.

I moved the TV cabinet across so we had some white wall in my room to play with, set up my camera and light and I am waiting for Michelle to put the final touches to her make up. When she is ready she stands in front of me and say;

“right, I need some passport pictures…”

Silence… haha

Of course we did the passport pictures but then we had some fun :) As we hand taken some shots in this very hotel room before I always like the challenge of making a space look different each time. I set up a flash on the floor behind the stool that Michelle was sitting on with about 4 full blue CTB gels on it and then the main light with an umbrella and a sun 1/2 CTO gel which meant I can drop my white balance down an get deeper colors in the background. Then add a Michelle playing around and we have some camera magic :)

If you like what you see don’t forget about that follow button and here is to another year!

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2 thoughts on “One Year and Passport Pictures

  1. Been awesome following you thus far…looking forward to many more years ;)

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