Mike Came to Visit… and he brought some toys!

Even Mike has a Montage

Its funny some times working here really does not feel like work but one of my best friends came to visit me so I thought it was a good excuse to take some holiday!

Mike booked 11 nights at the hotel I live at Morgan Bay (worth checking out if your thinking of coming to St Lucia) As you can imagine we had a blast! We went sailing on Hobie Cats nearly every day, Zip Lining through the rain forest, bathing in the sulphur springs from St Lucia’s active volcano, survived a tropical storm and of course spending allot of time on the beach!

The other very exciting thing is that I got my brand new Camera! I am now a very proud owner of a Cannon 5D Mk iii and have taken then momentous leap in a professional photographers life to full frame status!

One afternoon we took a drive up to the north of the island, it was still pretty windy but I packed my new camera to see if we could take some shots. As usual we got lost but found an amazing spot in Cap Estate where you could get great views of the North and East coast from the same spot (they are currently about to start building some new houses up there and for a good price if anyone is interested) Mike is not a shy person but has never really had a photo shoot done but knew how much I wanted to try out my new camera so we took these… God love him :)

A tropical storm is passing by and Mike is up the smallest tree he could find!

Now we are getting into it!


As you can see he did a great job letting me have a little play with my camera, we are already planning his next trip back to the Caribbean! Thanks for coming Mike!

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4 thoughts on “Mike Came to Visit… and he brought some toys!

  1. Nice work James, I like the shot on the far right of the montage. Hope you’re enjoying the new beast!

  2. susansplace says:

    I love your pics! They are fabulous and make me want to pack it all in and come find that beach!

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