Kat’s Vist (Better late then never :)

I have been trying to make some space on my laptop today by clearing away some old RAW files and the like and I came across some photos that I completely forgot about (sorry Kat x)

I took Kat to the Bottom Bay, the place she sent me on the very first Exchange!

Back in March Kat came out to see me in Barbados for my birthday and we had a blast! On the day itself we went on a boat cruise and if you look very carefully on my Facebook profile you will be able to find an amazing video that hungover Ferg did for us :)

During Kat’s stay we did things properly! On our first day we visited the Mount Gay Rum Tour, after that rum kind of became our unofficial theme to our holiday.

You got a free rum punch with every flier, good job I packed a few :)

Kat learning about legs

Mount Gay Extra Old by far both of our favorites

We drank a fair bit of it for a start, we stopped off in old rum shops and we found this.

During Kat’s stay the country had just kicked into harvest mode, you will find tractors towing rows and rows of cages filled to the top with raw sugar cane slowing the traffic on the high ways trying to get there white gold to the sugar factory’s.  After taking the very informative rum tour we found that this is very relevant to our rum drinking quest! Sugar and Rum are two of Barbados main exports and a third is molasses which is a by product of the sugar process which they use to make rum. Now I think this is incredible, they have turned a by product of one of there main exports in to two others!

I am very sorry that this has taken so long to come out but it needed to done! Better late then never!

More to come soon as Mike is getting here on Tuesday and I will be having some time off :D

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