Happy Birthday Mum :)

Without really meaning to the Creasy’s have started our own family tradition! It started back in November 2007 when I was first on the ships. I was going to miss my sisters birthday and because we were doing two ports a day and I did not really understand the Greece postal system I was not able to send her something so I set out on a mission to get as many of the Cristal’s crew members to wish my sister a happy birthday as possible!

This thing got everywhere, even when I was shooting!

Then in 2011 the same thing happened again! I was again back on the ships and Kat was in Australia. On my birthday Kat had got all her friends together and shared her album on Facebook, much to my surprise and delight! She even got a Kuala bear to stop and pose!

Today was my mum’s birthday so it was time to bring her in on the action! Mum is a fan of picture postcards and I was desperately trying to right her a birthday message in the sand with a nice blue St Lucian sea in the background but every time I got close to finishing the sea just (predictably) washed it away.

So the search was on! I needed a birthday message! I needed letters that would not wash away!!

Then it hit me the letters where every where :) The rest of the afternoon was then set on driving around collecting these letters and there you have it!

Happy Birthday Mum :) xxx



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