An Indoor Studio Shoot for Michelle

Michelle is a very talented girl but her main aspiration in life to be a model, she loves being in front of the camera and as I think you might be able to see already the camera loves her. Her skin seems to suck in what ever quality of light you give it and spit out beautiful soft skin tones!

This month she wanted to take part in a photo competition that is on a site called Freedom Street (Please check it out and vote :) so she asked if we could go out and take some new shots especially for the comp so she could enter something fresh. We were all packed up and ready to go and then rain came! In St Lucia it can be a beautiful day not a cloud in the sky one minuet and then the next more rain then you have ever seen in your life! Our shot was off… or was it?

This one is Michelle’s favorite

The kit I had with me was simple my camera, a speedlite, a light stand and an umbrella so I set them up in my small hotel room and started shooting.

Get on the site and vote :D oh and don’t forget to follow my blog to :)

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