Carnival Time in St Lucia

Its a very special time of year over in St Lucia! Its Carnival Time!

This is my second carnival season in the Caribbean, my first was Crop Over in Barbados which happens during one of the busiest times in the wedding calendar so I did not get a chance to jump. This year sadly with the move to St Lucia and the new job and everything I did not get a chance to join a band and take part. I did how ever know a young girl who did :)

Onika is Michelle’s sister and she did join a band, she had to meet her group out in the cinema car park and then jump with them down the long road all the way to the centre of Castries.

After we met up with her so Michelle could help her with the finishing touches to her outfit we set off up some of the back roads to see her come through the city.

The first stop for the bands is a big stage where they can strut there stuff for the judges and the TV crews.

Then they make there way down through the streets where hundreds of people have turned out to see them.

I have to say I am a massive fan of Caribbean street parties! You get people of all shapes, sizes, ages and everything come out dressed up to have a great time!

Some of the costumes are incredible! Your stood there on the side of the road and you see in the distance a massive pyramid coming towards you with this guy dressed up in the middle. Any costume that is so big it has to have is own wheels is just outstanding :)

It was the middle of the day and the guy looked so hot but he kept dragging his pyramid from one side of the road to the other so people could take photos! Thats commitment!

As always I had some help, this is Michelle’s debut as my assistant and she did a great job getting my flash in the right place for me. There was a moment that really made me laugh though, this guy miss understood what she was doing and thought it was her that was taking the photos so gave her a great pose! And then got a flash on 1/2 power right in the face :s he did not seem to mind too much and its a great shot!

4pm came and we had been out in the sun for 5 hours (Sian I had my suncream on before you ask!) and there was a hold up at the back so sadly we did not got to see Onika coming through but she came ahead with her friend to see us before we left and they seemed to be having a good time!

All that was left to do was get home and go for a well needed swim to cool off!

Next year is deferentially going to be the year! No excuses haha


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2 thoughts on “Carnival Time in St Lucia

  1. Michelle says:

    I must say that man missunderstanding what I was doing made my day.Hhahahahah

  2. agogo22 says:

    Reblogged this on msamba.

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