Botanical Gardens in Soufriere

My explorations took me down to the Botanical Gardens in Soufriere. The drive alone is an adventure in itself, one tight hairpin turn after the other with some amazing views as you drive! I would recommend if your in St Lucia and staying in the North hire a car and do it just for the hell of it, it really is an experience. Seriously we need to get the Top Gear boys over here because they will go nuts!

One of the many amazing views on the way down

The Pitons, not sure how they get such nice beer from those things ;)

The gardens where amazing, so peaceful. Halfway into the walk there is a set of mineral baths where you can bath in the water from the Diamond Falls water fall and there they had a board up with some photographs of the gardens after the hurricane and you would not recognize it. It looked like a bomb had hit the place in the photographs. The team have done an amazing job to get it back to what we sore that day!

Diamond Falls water fall

There was wildlife everywhere and after we dried off it (like most of the adventures with me!) turned into trying to get a photo i have never been able to get before!

You see humming birds all over the place in Barbados and St lucia (I once stood out side our studio at The Crane in Barbados in the midday sun for a whole hour because this humming bird kept coming back to feed on these flowers just out side the shop!) and I have always wanted to get that iconic photo of the bird hovering in the air with that amazing wing shape. This fella sat on his branch for a good few minuets and would just not perform but then I have never seen one sit still for that long so still a good site!

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6 thoughts on “Botanical Gardens in Soufriere

  1. Alex Khoo says:

    Beautiful series of photos!

  2. Beautiful, I’ve been procrastinating about visiting St. Lucia again in August and this has just inspired me!

  3. Michelle says:

    Its worth it here in St . Lucia.Paridise is in your eyes

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