River Rock Waterfall featuring Michelle

Life has brought me to St Lucia :) I am kinda of doing the same sort of thing but I am now heading up my own team so some big changes! It does mean how ever that I have a whole new island to explore and a nice new companion to explore it with.

Michelle has been away for about a week and she managed to get back on my first free weekend for a while (good timing) and wanted to go exploring. I have a friend coming over in August and I am trying to find some truly cool places to take him so I am all up for exploring to! Michelle wanted to go and check out a waterfall she used to go an bath under when she was a kid, there was also promises of being able to jump off it into a pool of fresh water!

Jungle Girl

For the first time ever we managed to find a sign that was pointing in the right direction and found the falls with reltive ease, we where 2 miles out (acourding to the helpful sign) and the road was getting smaller and smaller and then it turned in to a very bumpy gravel track with pot holes and steep climes all over the place, I was starting to get worried! The car I have now is no Alto! But the little hire car got us through it.

River Rock Waterfall

We got there and there was no one to be seen so we followed the path and found the water fall. Sadly it was not the waterfall that Michelle was after and the pool was not nearly big enough to jump in! It was however a very nice place to be so we took some shots anyway ;) Hope you enjoy.

Water was very cold!

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2 thoughts on “River Rock Waterfall featuring Michelle

  1. Sianie says:

    The Alto would have eaten up those bumps! I especially like the second photo :) x

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