Long Pond – Lena’s Exchange

Its been a while but I have recently completed an Exchange. Just before christmas a local girl called Lena left a message on The Exchange page asking if she could take part, it took me slightly longer then i would have liked to get back to her (Sorry Lena) but a few weeks ago we started to email and set some locations. Lena is the first person to take up the challenge from Barbados and i had never really looked at the island from that point of view before. As the chances of the locations not being new to Lena i choose 3 so that she could visit somewhere she has not been to before. As i write this now i am still not sure what she has gone i only know she went out to visit the location on Saturday so i am going to keep it as a supirse for myself and you guys to!

As i sent Lena a couple of options she did the same to me my choice where as follows, Long Pond, Gun Hill Signal Station and Oistins. I have been Gun Hill before with Sian and Ferg and we are regulars at the Oistins fish market so that only left one choice… Long Pond.

I have seen Long Pond many times before on the map and i have always wanted to go and check it out so it was quite pleased it was an option. The only day i had off last week was Sunday so i was determined to do the shoot then, Sian was at a loose end and is always up for an adventure so she came with me to check it out. I had decided before i went that i wanted to put a bit of a twist on things. As you know the camera i have (Cannon 7D) can also shoot video and i have not done any video work since i bought my new lens and i have been very keen to try it out. Sian and I parked the car on the side of the road and started the walk down the beach to Long Pond, as we walked down we could not help but notice the mountains of drift wood, old coconuts and rubbish that has been washed in from the sea. In some parts it was like an obstical course just to get past. Long Pond has a mouth onto the sea and stretches back in land and has a few streams coming into it, i set up my tripod and started to film some shots not overly happy with my dision of mediam as it felt like it had no direction. Then in my ear i heard Sian mutter “it kinda reminds me of the Elephant Grave yard but for coconuts” i stopped what i was doing and had a look around and she had a very good point and there our story was born…

As i said before i am still not too sure where Lena has gone but this is the link to her post so go and check it out! I can’t wait to see what she has done :)

Thanks as always for reading and if anyone is up for the challenge of The Exchange send me a message and let me know :)

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2 thoughts on “Long Pond – Lena’s Exchange

  1. […] and here’s the link to the other half of this exchange which was done by the James – https://jamescreasy.wordpress.com/2012/02/07/long-pond-lenas-exchange Share this:ShareEmailPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  2. Awesome! Thoroughly enjoyed it :) The progression is ingenious

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