fLippy the Fish (Thanks Sian)

In our new studio at The Crane we have some wonderful new Green Screen software that i have been playing with. On a Monday nights we set up a backdrop in the courtyard outside our studio so passes by can get group shot done. This new software means that instead of having a cloth backdrop we can key out the green backdrop and place a wonderful Crane view (and the views are wonderful!) This is all well and good but to get a background first you need a photograph so i set off around the grounds in search of a suitable view. At the end of the resort there is a wonderful garden with a pond that has bridges and statues of Cranes dotted around it, very peaceful…


If you get anywhere near the pond hundreds of fish come swimming towards you heads out of the water and mouths open! A gardener told me that the residence feed them bread and now they have become accustom to it. Either way a very VERY funny sight that i thought i would just share with you all quickly!

More coming soon I promise.

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