A visit from a very special lady!

I know i have been very quite over the last few weeks but i have had a couple of very good reasons. First of all i have recived a promotion at work :) You are now reading the blog of Colorbox Studio‘s new Studio Manager! We have also opened up a new studio location on the island which has taken allot of work (and allot more to come i think) but all very exciting stuff. Secondly this loverly lady has come to visit me!

Thats right this is my Mum, she came out on the 18th December to join me for Christmas. I am so very pleased she did as I had a complete blast yesterday.

We went over to Sian and Ferg’s apartment…

Sian with a potato bottom!

Ferg getting ready to carve

Opened many presents…

Louie and Stewie

Sue opening a scarf

Ate and drank far to much…

Played this fantastic new dance game on Ferg’s new PS3, watched a film and then finally went to bed!

All to much for Dave!

There will be more to come very soon I promise but for now i would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and if i don’t speak to you before a Happy New year!

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3 thoughts on “A visit from a very special lady!

  1. mayur hulsar says:

    Congratulation James for the promotion… and nice to meet ur mom.

    looking forward to hear more from you.. season’s greetings.. take care.

  2. My congrats James, I think Santa had you on his “special” list this year :P. No, but truly I’m very happy for you and continue the great work you do. Luc

  3. creasyo says:

    Thanks guys, hope you both had a great Christmas! More to come soon!!

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