The Exchange – photo challenge

So I have finally come up with a name for this little project! I have also just finished a page with details of The Exchange, what it’s all about and how you can take part!

To officially lunch the project, I have asked one of my friends if he would like to play. Ever since i did the first Exchange with my sister I have always had Joe in mind, Joe is an old school friend. He was part of the TA and did a 6 month stint in Afghanistan. He came home safe and sound but wanted to put his skills to further use and ever since has been working for a charity called The HALO Trust clearing mines and other dangerous stuff left over from the war and is curently based over in Angola.

Now the reason why I have always thought about Joe is because he is doing what he loves to do and so am I but the contrast in the locations and jobs could not be more different! Interesting??

The Exchange I have set with Joe will be the location of his next call out! :o

Watch this space…

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