Fishing Trip

This weekend we had a chance to chill out a little and because Ferg’s cousin Den is over we got to go deep sea fishing as its something he (and me) has always wanted to do. It was really interesting to see how it all worked as Barbados has been a fishing island for a very long time. Captain Sammy has been fishing all his life and he passed on a little of his knowledge down to us (as much as he could to wanna be fisherman for the day!). What really impressed me was how in tune he was with everything, he knew what they had caught before it was even reeled in. There was also signs of historic passed on knowledge, one way they know they have caught something is by tying an elastic band around the line and attaching it to something. When a big fish gets caught the elastic band breaks and its all hands on deck.

Captain Sammy

While Captain Sammy was trying to find the fish Hatch was catching them

 Den did the best as he hooked a King Fish that was longer then my arm! At the end of the trip Hatch prepared fillets of Tuna, King Fish and Barracuda that was all caught on our trip which later that evening we cooked and ate! From the line to the dinner table, amazing!

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One thought on “Fishing Trip

  1. jdlarkin says:

    I love the first picture of the reel! Sounds like a great trip, fresh fish is amazing. Hope you get to do it again soon!

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