Happy Birthday Kat!!

Its my wonderful sisters birthday today and she is sick with tonsillitis, not good! I thought i would try and cheer her up haha

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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kat!!

  1. This is wonderful! I hope it does cheer her up! Happy Birthday, Kat! Feel better!

  2. mayur hulsar says:

    kat wud surely feel lighter by this…

    but I want to know how u did this? very nice light painting( I know how to do that!), but then the bottom part is bright showing you? did u merge or its a single image, then did u flash?

    too many questions… can u tell James?

    • creasyo says:

      haha can’t give all my secrets away Mayur ;) Sadly it is a couple of frames, our studio here is big but not that big! My shutter was at 30 sec which let me wrote the word Kat then i had a flash trigger in my other hand so i rushed to my pose and then flashed the studio head and tu duuu ;)

      • mayur hulsar says:

        gee, thanks.. I too tried to create light painting, but ran out of creativity just at the nick of hour.

        and I liked the sound: tu duuuu….. ;D

        tk care.

  3. your amazing James… i am sure nothing can be better than this to wish someone a happy Birthday! Kat you are lucky to have such a wonderful bro :) loads of love xx

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