Mayur’s Challenge featuring Sian Ford

So Mayur’s challenge, after I did the Challenge with my sister Mayur emailed me asking if I could set him a location to go out an check out and of course this meant he got to set me one!

Mayur was very kind and chose the Surfer’s Bay Beach Bar which is very close to being as far South as you can get in Barbados. I was lucky as I had some company for this trip. Ferg, who runs the show over here in Barbados, has gone over to St. Lucia for business. This is a good and a bad thing but good as it means Sian and I got to hang out all weekend which was hella cool!

Sian is a naturally beautiful girl with the most amazing eyes and I have been wanting to take her out and take some photos of her for along time. We thought as Ferg is away it would be a perfect time as we could do them as a little bit of a surprise for him when he got back!

I had an idea about where to do this shoot, it was just up the road in a lush green field, the idea was to shoot natural beauty in natural beauty :) The spot I had scouted out I only had ever driven past, I never had a chance to take a look (there is a lesson to be learned there somewhere) it was a great spot but there was this massive chicken farm with all these white electric fences all in the good spots! Was great to see such free range chickens, they had so much space to run around it was great but sadly not a good spot for photos!

I had told Sian about the challenges and how Mayur had set me one, she did not take much convincing to ride shot gun. I also promised we could get ice cream on the way back! So we set off!

As soon as we arrived we could tell we were in for a treat! It was beautiful! We had got there in the morning and found the bar (the plan was to have a good look around and then get lunch) sadly the bar never opened and in true Barbados fashion there was no real information to give us a clue when it could be. No bother.

The place was perfect, as we had done the shoot earlier that morning Sian still had all her outfits in the car so I suggested we should just do the shoot here! This is what we got!

It was a little windy and it caught the umbrella and it nearly fell on Sian, totally my fault but it was a great reaction from Sian

“That’s all well and good James but what of Mayur’s location??” good question!

Mayur lives in India near the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mayur takes a lot of street photography which I really enjoy so I thought I would try and send him somewhere a little different. My first location was a local jail, Thane Central Jail as from the satellite photos the building was a fantastic shape, kinda of like a crown. Sadly Mayur informed me its quite fortified with lots of walls and stuff, after thinking about it a little it kind of makes sense and i was pleased he could not get that close.

The mention of fortifying gave me an idea, north of that there was some remains of an old fort which was right next to the Vasia Creek which from above has a wonderful green colour. There was also some strange white things sticking out so I wanted to know what those are too.

So I will let Mayur take it from here, Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Ghodbandar Fort, India!

I am also excited to tell you I have my next contender, Mr Joshua Gow who is a fantastic wedding photographer in Manchester so if you’re getting married soon you should totally book him ;) Watch this space for the challenge!

I am quite enjoying these challenges so I am putting it to you all if you want to have ago like Mayur did, subscribe to my blog and send me a message and lets see if we can come up with some more :)

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10 thoughts on “Mayur’s Challenge featuring Sian Ford

  1. mayur hulsar says:

    James, awesome is the word!!! too good, mate! Sian is beautiful and I loved the 1st, 6th and 7th snap. I must say again, that I envy the place where u live! :)

    • creasyo says:

      Thanks Mayur, i have to say i can’t be happier with the results of the whole challenge you have taken some amazing photos i love the arches! Was great you also has some assistance’s to!

  2. Great stuff Jim!

    I’ve had a look at Mayur’s blog, that was some challenge you gave him!

    Really looking forward to my challenge this Saturday, pictures should be ready by Sunday evening!

  3. malakablog says:

    well done
    beautiful capture

  4. […] A brief history: My last post was about a photography challenge that James had set up to me. Sadly my post ran so long that I failed to mention about James Blog post and the challenge that I had set upon him. This is for those readers who are visiting my blog for the very first time. My blogger friend James lives in Barbados, one can visit his blog here. […]

  5. Wonderful pictures! I would have liked to join the challenge, but I am quite busy for now in my real life. Also, I live at quite an unromantic place (Nagpur, India), which is known for its extremely high temperatures (above 48 degrees in summer). I’m afraid if I could find something worth shooting nearby. For now, I’m enjoying your challenges. Looking ahead for some great pictures :-)

    • creasyo says:

      Thanks Ganesh its good to have you on board! Well you will have to let me know when you free up i am sure we can find something for you to go and see!

      • mayur hulsar says:

        Ganesh, Basically we are playing to showcase our creativity. Hence the name challenge.

        I know the city, Nagpur. A place with historic importance. I agree with James, we can certainly come up with something.

        Just let us know once you are free.

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