Anthony the Lighthouse Keeper

As we drove up we parked a little way down the road and we saw Anthony at the gate, he waved us over and asked if we wanted to come in and have a good look.

Last week one of my subscribers Mayur wanted to take part in the challenge that i set for my sister! We swapped locations and then found a place for the other to go and visit, somewhere interesting but somewhere they might not have thought of going before. I chose to go and see my place on Saturday and there will be a full blog about it once both our photos are ready but i just wanted to share this story with you.

In the photograph above is Anthony and he is a security guard at the lighthouse which is located  south of Cotton House Bay. Its in a very under rated spot in the middle of a housing estate, not marked on google maps and we only found it because we could see it. We stopped off as Mayur thought there might be one around there and was intrested in seeing it and i am really glad we did as i really like Anthonys story!  The lighthouse is 180 years old and was made in London and is still working. Anthony lives up in Bakers which is in the north of the Island quite close to where we live at the Village, it is around 40Km away from the lighthouse where he works, it does not sound like much but with the roads how they are and the traffic it must take him a very long time to get to and from work and he has been working there for 21 and a half years! When we asked him is that not quite a long way to come everyday to work he replied;

“If you care about something you will work hard for it!”

What can you say to that!

Just want to say i have not played with the colours on this, the sky was really that blue!

As i said i will update you all fully on the Challenge (need to come up with a name :) in the week.

A big hello and thank you to Daisyconcrete Photography and the loverly Sian my latest subscriber!

I have had a thought i am quite enjoying these challenges so i am putting it to you all if you want to have ago like Mayur did, subscribe to my blog and send me a message and lets see if we can come up with some more :)

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7 thoughts on “Anthony the Lighthouse Keeper

  1. mayur hulsar says:

    that is a great article, and I m really glad that you found the lighthouse…

    I had series of night shifts, and today is the last night before my week off. So will go tomorrow, only I don’t want to doze off too much to miss the evening Sun…

  2. andrea says:

    love the article as well as the images; enjoy Barbados…

  3. 3rd Culture Children says:

    Beautiful, beautiful blog.. i also tried to leave a comment for the first blogpost, but for some reason, wasn´t working… anyway, just subscribed to your blog1
    Cheers from Brazil, from

  4. Great work, really amazing colors and not a photoshop in sight, kudos. Luc

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