Challenge Accepted…… :p – Keeping.Up.With.Kat :)

Kat took this amazing photo of a Kookaburra. I love the compression of the try with the building in the background. Really tells the story of where she is i think! Kat and you where worried ;)

Just a quick post this morning but I just wanted to share with you the second part of Challenge Kat-Eka, its not quite what we expected but its all good. I will let me sister tell you the story!

Challenge Accepted…… :p – Keeping.Up.With.Kat :).


4 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted…… :p – Keeping.Up.With.Kat :)

  1. mayur hulsar says:

    James, very nice post… This is in fact a very good idea to photograph new things and places. If you don’t mind can I join in this challenge?

    • creasyo says:

      Yes of course, it would be great! You need to send me your rough location and i will have a look on google maps and see what takes my eye and then i send you there :) sound good to you? Then of course you can find me a spot to check out here!

  2. mayur hulsar says:

    that does sounds good. I will email you my co-ordinates right away so you can start looking. and then reply me with your co-ordinates. how is that?

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