Challenge Kat-eka

So a while back i posted on my old blog a post called “Loving where you are!” To summarise i was having a really crappy drive home one day as there had been an accident on the coastal road and i was stuck in traffic. As i was pissing and moaning to myself i looked out the window and saw an amazing view which reminded me how lucky i was to be where i am!

On Friday night i managed to have a catch up with my sister Kat (for 3 hours :) who is currently traveling around Australia. She has settled in Brisbane for a short while as she has found her self a job and a flat. No easy task in a new country! So she has stopped there to save some money before she continues her adventures with some new found friends in December.

We got talking and after the covering all the usual catching up stuff we got talking about how once you start working you really could be any where. You get up, go to work then come home again, “I can do that at home!” Kat said. This is true but i think the important part is that she is not so i set her a challenge!

Kat gave me her address in Brisbane which i looked up in google maps, her complaint was that she does not seem to be seeing anything new so i had a look and i found somewhere that i wanted her to go and have a look at. My choice was Caddy Shack which boasted about its breakfast burrito! So i challenged her to find this place, take a few pictures and have a breakfast burrito!! hmmmmm :)

So i thought that was that until an enthuiastic “hang on, i can do one for you!” came across skype…

When i choose Kat’s place i had to bare in mind that she has to walk there but i have a car here in Barbados and its a small island, you can probably get from one end to the other in two hours so she sent me to… Bottom Bay! As the name surgests its right at the bottom (SE of the island) I live up on the NW of the island so it was quite a drive. It was well worth it though the drive was beautiful and this is what i found when i got there :)

Totally spotted!

Yep that is a bird stood on the back of a Black Belly Sheep!

Kat’s next day of is on Wednesday so i will update you all how she gets on when she sends me her pictures through :)

A big hello and thank you to The Average Jim, totally loving your work by the way. If you have not seen it its one of those annoying blogs were every photo that is posted is sickeningly amazing ;) defernetly worth a look and the loverly Carol from London my latest subscribers.

If you not in this list you can be next time ;) subscribe on the link below!

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13 thoughts on “Challenge Kat-eka

  1. Totally inspired to grab my camera and go out!

  2. mayur hulsar says:

    such a beautiful place, James. Bdw my week-off is coming the next day, hope I will venture out just like u. tk care.

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  6. creasyo says:

    Hey mysticangellen54 you have taken some :D put them up on flickr or facebook or something like that and post the links on here :) this is well exciting!!

  7. lachicca27 says:

    Hey, this is great! I’m spending the semester in Buenos Aires, if you couldn’t tell from my blog, and I love this idea. Your pictures of the sheep are also wonderful! What characters. ;)

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