Very special day indeed

One of my fav shots!

Today is Sian and Ferg‘s first wedding anniversary! It has gone so quickly!  These guys have truly changed my life over that year, they asked me to shoot there wedding which gave me the inspiration to leave my London job and go back to work on the cruise ships (post coming soon) which is how i ended up here in Barbados! They are good to work with, great photographers and even better friends!

So please join me in wishing them a fantastic one year anniversary and i wish you many more to come!!

Ferg and I went for a look around the day before and we stubbled upon this view, amazing!

So lucky with the weather, it was a beautiful day!

I am over the moon, since joining WordPress less then 2 weeks ago i have 12 subscribers so a big shout out to Simone, Ferg, Thom, Josh, River Under Water, Mickey, Mayur, Sarah, Kat, Rachel, Charles and Liam! Thank you for you support.

If you not in this list you can be next time ;) subscribe on the link below!

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4 thoughts on “Very special day indeed

  1. mayur hulsar says:

    Hey James, nice post.

    I liked the 2nd last image.

  2. Lydia Miller says:

    James you were missed greatly at Hartington Yesterday, as we remenisced of the events there exactly a year ago, I second all you said about Sian an Ferg!!!!

    Wishing you all the best in Stormy Barbados lol!!!

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