Portrait session with the Barbados Photographic Society

Its funny how opportunities come about. I had just finished shooting a wedding last Thursday and as i was driving home and the sunset was amazing! I had my tripod in the back of the car so i thought i would stop off at a pier in Speightstown and see if i could get some nice shots. While i was there this guy started talking to me (i still had my shirt and tie on and i was carrying around a great big tripod with a camera on! Asking for attention really!) He was telling me how he was a gardener and worked for this guy who had all the same “fancy camera stuff” he asked if i had a card (typically i didn’t but now i have got some in my wallet just in case) so that he could pass it on to his boss. I jotted down my name and number and then went home thinking that nothing would really come of it.

Next day i was sat in the studio and some one had wrote to me via my blog, it was the guys boss Charles! Charles rang me a little later to asking if i fancied joining him for a portrait session with the Barbados Photography Socioty. Now i could not turn that down could I!

Charles showing the couple his work

The shoot was split up into 4 teams and each team had a modal, we shot just down the road from where i lived in Spieghtstown. Sadly i could not stay to the end but i met some really nice people and i just wanted to share some of these shots with you.

I hope i will meet up with Charles and the others again really soon. Thanks guys!

The things we do to get those shots!

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2 thoughts on “Portrait session with the Barbados Photographic Society

  1. Thanks for coming James…its a pleasure to meet you and look forward to doing more shoots with you. Looking forward to exchanging some ideas.

  2. caitjmack says:

    The third one is amazing! These are great, looks like a great time.

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