Dwayne the dancer

I always feel very lucky working over here as I get to work everyday with great photographers and even better friends!

On a day to day basis shooting the weddings as the photographer you I kinda running the show and work by yourself unless your working with a videographer but they tend to take a step back and document whats going on rather then direct.

Thursday was a bit of a first for me as I got to assist Ferg on a shoot. We were shooting a dancer called Dwayne who was amazing! He wanted a show real and some press shots so we had Ferg as lead, Sian on 2nd camera mainly filming and then I was “chief flash holder and lens caddy”! Ferg did an amazing job and it felt like a real team effort plus Dwayne was a really nice guy. I will let Ferg tell the rest of the story but I just wanted to share this shot with you!

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